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Hi folks, I have to write a brief apology to kick this off… I did think about posting this the other day but I didn’t get around to it and if due to that you’ve missed a couple of awesome days of Bulletproof principles LIVE! Then really it’s my bad.  I am sincerely sorry! I was so busy watching myself and working away in the breaks that I briefly put it out of mind.  Since we only have readers in the tens so far I hope no-one holds a grudge, and it is technically our first week!

To put it simply, one of our favourite people, Dave Asprey of The Bulletproof Executive and Upgradedself is doing a three day workshop on creativelive, and while it is on… it’s FREE! I bought an all access creativelive pass for $99 which is the going rate if you purchase the course now and until it finishes its live run tomorrow afternoon… after that it’s $149… so no pressure, but I wanted to give you guys early (even if I’m late!) news about this.  I really just discovered CreativeLive through this and I’ve already put my name down for and bookmarked some upcoming courses.

You can see the course free today right here (Friday 30th August) from 9am PST, or 5 o’clock GMT

If you purchase it you also get materials that pre-empt the release of The Bulletproof Executive book that we’ve been waiting for.  They’re really great and informative.  I’ve always been a big evangelist for Bulletproof products after they had a significant affect on my life and I loved The Better Baby Book even though I don’t plan on procreation anytime soon (I’m very committed to my practice sessions though) and I’ve since gotten a lot of people into one or more aspects of the Bulletproof Lifestyle.  Dave is a really interesting guy who I respect sincerely and who’s really kicked butt in so many areas that he is the rare example of someone genuinely embodying the principles he preaches.  He was the first guy to ever sell something on the internet, is the Vice-President of a cloud computing security company and runs one of my all time favourite blogs.  Not to mention the Stickmen have Bulletproof brand supplements in their kitchens and even took a recent excursion in Amsterdam powered by Bulletproof Coffee we’ll no doubt be writing about very soon!

One of my deliveries from - I literally look forward to these like a kid on Christmas!

One of my deliveries from – I literally look forward to these like a kid on Christmas!

In any case, friends, PLEASE see this whist it’s live and free, even if you’re only getting that last day, that’s still HOURS of content for nothing.  Which is a pretty awesome price… but I do recommend picking it up for the cheaper price whilst you still can, again – complete transparency – we’re not making anything for recommending this, we just love Bulletproof and we love sharing great content with you.      Whist I’m at it though I should also add that periodically they’re giving away some coupon codes for use on whilst the show is live, yesterday there was $200 off a Bulletproof whole-body vibration plate (I love that thing!) and there’s also discount on other upgradedself items! 

This year we were planning a Stickburning Man trip but due to complications as Kasper had kids in the Netherlands to educate and I had a company to run in good old Blighty, and Dave obviously had this workshop to put on, we didn’t manage to make it happen.  It was infact going to be a Bulletproof Burning Man, or Bulletproof Stickburning Man, as is tradition (a brand new tradition at that 😉 ) – I’m very sad I didn’t get to go home this year, it means not seeing one of my best friend for our favourite few days and favourite drive, in fact just writing this is admittedly making me get a bit watery eyed, it’s an important time of year for us spiritually and it’s our chance to bond with so many wonderful people who don’t fit the bill of normality and conformity so often charged to us unexpectedly after youthful appetizers of hopes and dreams.

My last minute Bulletproof Survival pack delivered to Potrero Hill so I didn't have my training interrupted.

My last minute Bulletproof Survival pack delivered to Potrero Hill so I didn’t have my training interrupted.

Honestly, this is probably the only thing that’s helping me be happy about not being at Burning Man, even after so long now being familiar with Bulletproof and so used to waking up to the best coffee wafting around my kitchen on a daily basis, I’m still learning a LOT, and you can too.

So, even if you don’t pick up the course, get the free content, and welcome to a better lifestyle, I promise you won’t leave the day without learning something new, interesting and valuable, and it just might change your life.

Because honestly?

This is how I feel after my morning Bulletproof Coffee

This is how I feel after my morning Bulletproof Coffee!

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