Episode 002 – Growing amongst taller trees

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Show notes

Growing amongst taller trees is an analogy for surrounding yourself with people who are better then you in order to grow and learn faster. In this episode we discuss this topic in relation to stories from our own lives. We think it is important to be humble towards what you want to learn or become, to check your ego and open up to learning from people who are better then you are.

The people who surround us influence us in multiple ways, it seems that you become who you surround yourself with and that the standard of the group becomes your standard. This can be a very powerful tool for self improvement, but there is also reason for some caution. If you hang out with 9 losers, you will be number 10. Also, there might be people out there who seem like they want to mentor you but in fact might not have the best intentions.

Here is what we have learned from this episode:

  1. Be aware of how other people are influencing you, is it negative? Let them go. Is it empowering? Stick with them and invest in that relationship.
  2. Write a personal mission statement in which you write down what is most important to you and where you want to go. Re-read it on a regular basis to keep yourself on track.
  3. Actively build a community of people around you that empower you in your goals. Seek them out and form mastermind groups.
  4. Don’t get the superstar complex and become a screaming fan. If you want to make friends with someone because they seem like they could add quality to your life, try to add quality to their life and invest in a real relationship. Instead of just hanging out with them and hoping their coolness becomes airborne and infect you.

Articles mentioned in this episode:
Elevator groupthink on brainpickings:

Books mentioned in this episode:
The seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey

Shoutouts go to:
Frank from Studio Frankrijk who helped us out with the recording and audio mastering.

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