Stickman fridays is your weekly podcast that is all about getting better at stuff, hacking skills and taking on challenges to grow yourself into. Hosted by Kasper (Joshua's friend) and Joshua (Kaspers friend), 2 guys in their mid twenties with insanely big goals and a burning desire for taking the fastest and best route to getting there.

The goal is to uncover the bare basics of what makes people become successful at what they do, to optimize the learning curve and find the most effective way to becoming the person you want to become. Skill hacking and optimized learning are the basis of the show, we will take on skills and learn them in the most effective way possible and share the findings you! Next to short term challenges, both of us will take on a long term skill to master into depth, aiming to get a little better everyday and eventually reaching a high level of competence and performance. 

As a stickman, you can become anything, as long as you're willing to draw outside the lines

We will also look for experts, pro's and highly successful people to interview and find out what makes them tick, because if they can do it, why not us? Or you? Haven't  you always wondered what your favorite athlete, performer or artist does to make them great?

We are not looking for the obvious, everyone knows that a combination of a little talent and a load of hard work can get you a lot. We are talking about the "secrets", the shortcuts and the hacks and everything besides hard work and talent that makes people great. What is the smart work you can do to improve your improvement and shorten the learning curve?

Do we have the answer? No we don't! We are not experts lecturing you on the best way to live your life, we are on a journey to uncover these things and we sincerely hope that you will join us on our quest and share your own experiences. Being a Stickman is about viewing yourself as a work in progress, stepping outside of the comfort zone and doing the work. 

This website is will be the home base of Stickman Fridays and will have regular updates about the show, recommended books and products and interesting articles about topics such as personal development, skill hacking, supplements, gadgets, learning strategies and all other things related to the podcast.

Joshua Note

Producer, Co-host

Joshua is an entrepreneur, author and app developer. 

He writes children's books, interviews creative people on The Note Show and lifts heavy weights in his backyard. He also likes to experiment with the latest technology in biohacking and biofeedback to find an inner sense of calm. He makes stuff happen and gets it done, in between long sessions of playing Skyrim of course. Get in touch on twitter @thenoteshow  

Kasper van der Meulen

Producer, Co-host

Kasper is an entrepreneur, teacher and musician.

Is training to become an ultrarunner, wanting to run distances that normal people find too far even by car, also lifts heavy weights and enjoys interval training a bit too much. Wants to learn skills like handstand, horse riding, flute, speaking French and knitting

Used to be overweight and lazy but found his inner Stickman and is working hard to defeat the inner fat boy. 

Want to join team Stickman? We'd be delighted! All you need to do is let us know what you are working on and if there is anything we can do to help you, and of course keep us updated on your progress!