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In the past few years there has been a big rise of people saying that sitting down is bad for you, a load of interesting research has been done and products like treadmill desks and bicycle desks and increasing in popularity. We will be posting on this topic more often since both of us have a lot to say about it, I know Joshua has a very cool bicycle solution he uses when playing video games and he actually inspired me to stop working seated.

There are a lot of article and research studies you can find around the internet but I’ve found this amazing infographic that was created (and properly referenced) by and it has all of the info you would need on this topic. Here goes the infographic!

Sitting is Killing You

So now what?

Now that you have been properly horrified and you are standing up reading this, let me show you a quick and simple solution to this problem. There are of course more elaborate solutions but I wanted to get going right away without the hassle of buying lots of new stuff. So my first tip is, don’t throw out your old desk just yet, look around the house for objects that could lift up you laptop or computer screen. My first solution that I used was an adjustable stool for my monitor and a cajon for my keyboard and mouse. What is a cajon you ask? It’s one of those wooden boxes you can use to drum on like I am doing in this video (yes I know I look a bit flabby and I’m wearing glasses but it’s me, just an older version of me)

Standing desk with stool and cajon

I love working like this, when I first tried it I immediately felt a huge increase in productivity from increased bloodflow and activity due to standing up and bouncing to my funky playlist. But I like to move around a bit and not work in the same place all the time so sometimes I want to work in the living room or in the garden and that would mean I’d have to sit down again. Luckily, the cajon is very portable and if I set it upright I end up having perfect standing height on any table!

Standing desk living room


This way I can take my cajon and work standing up anywhere, even outside on the garden table! Also, having a cajon as a desk basically means having a mini drumkit as a desk and that is a great way to spend your 5 minute break when using the Pomodoro Technique. Now there are some disadvantages to standing still for a long period of time, your legs can get kind of stiff and someone pointed out that you could get varicose veins in your legs from standing too long. So I tried walking in one place, dancing around a bit and balancing on one leg, all of which are fun and add to the health benefits of not sitting. But recently I added one last mod to my standing setup.

I added a rubber mat because the top was too slippery to stand in barefoot

I added a rubber mat because the top was too slippery to stand on barefoot

This balance board is great for keeping you moving. Also you are constantly keeping balance which means that you are basically training all joints in your legs and feet, you’ll notice that keeping your core tight will help you keep balanced so it is also a good ab workout. Plus they’re really cheap! I got this one second hand for €5!

What do you do to keep yourself from sitting down all day? We would love to learn some new tips, tricks and hacks! Leave a comment!

Author: Kasper vdm

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